Check Out The Q&A Below

Check Out The Q&A Below

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About The Decathlon

What is The Decathlon?

The Decathlon is world-class athletic event that’s designed exclusively for amateur athletes. Test your athleticism by tackling 10 events; 400m run, Football throw, Pull-ups, 40yd dash, Dips, 500m row, Vertical jump, 20yd shuttle sprint, Bench Press, and 800m run.

  • What are the 10 events?
The Decathlon involves athletic events commonly performed at the NFL Scouting Combine, Olympic decathlon, and on the playground. The events are;
400m run
Football throw
40yd dash
500m row
Vertical jump
20yd shuttle
Bench press
800m run
  • Is The Decathlon a fundraiser?
Yes it is. We believe world-class sporting event should produce a huge philanthropic impact. The Decathlon aligns with the premier pediatric cancer institutions in North America and Decathlon registrants guarantee their spot on the playing field only by meeting The Decathlon’s fundraising requirements.
  • Can I watch The Decathlon on television?
YES. Beginning in 2016, The Decathlon will be seen on television. We’ll announce more details soon.
  • How do I train for The Decathlon?
We got ya’ covered. The Decathlon offers a full, complimentary training program designed for athletes of all ages and all skill levels. We also give you complimentary access to the finest trainers and training facilities in every city that hosts a Decathlon.
  • Are there spectators? If so, where do I buy tickets?
The Decathlon is an awesome event to watch live! Entry is fee to watch The Decathlon in any market. Bring your whole family; there’s a kids play area at every Decathlon, plus concessions, live music and professional announcers.
  • Are there awards? If so, what are the awards categories?
YES, The Decathlon offers the coolest trophies outside of professional sports. The awards categories are; 1st place overall male & female (Individual), age-group awards (Individual), Top Executive (Individual), Top Team, Top Fundraising Team, Top Fundraising Firm, Top Individual Fundraiser, and single event winners (Individual and Team)

The TEAM Decathlon

  • How many people per team and do we have to register together?
2, 3 or 4 people per team. The choice is up to your team Captain.
No, you don’t have to register together. The Team Captain registers. Once registered, the Captain invites his/her teammates online through their Team Decathlon profile page. It’s just like sending an Evite to your birthday party.
  • Do I have to attempt all 10 events?
Nope. That’s the beauty of The TEAM Decathlon. Only the top-2 results in each of the 10 events earn your team points. So, as long as 2 people on your team complete an event, then your team earns points.
  • Does fundraising affect my team score and what’s the minimum?
YES, fundraising affects your score. There are 26,667 points available in The TEAM Decathlon. Your team may earn up to 6,667 points from your fundraising performance and up to 20,000 points from your athletic performance.
In New York, the minimum is $10,000 per team. In all other markets, the minimum is $8,000 per team.
  • May men and women compete on the same team?
Yes, mixed gender teams are encouraged.
  • What happens if my Team doesn’t meet the fundraising minimum?
The fundraising minimums are easily achievable for any team that makes a sincere effort. The Decathlon is a fundraising event involving an inspiring community of leaders and up-and-comer's who set a benchmark. Meet the minimum to earn your team’s ticket on to the playing field. Otherwise, watch The Decathlon on television and be inspired to join this community next year.
  • Do I have to work in financial services to register for The TEAM Decathlon?
No. Just bring your “A-game”.

The INDIVIDUAL Decathlon

  • Do I have to complete all 10 events?
No, but you are encouraged to try them all. They are fun and approachable, and you’ll be in an incredibly motivating environment that you’ll want to give all 10 events a shot. Of course, if you’re injured and need to bypass an event, that’s cool too.
  • Do I have to work in the financial services community?
Only in New York and only for the INDIVIDUAL Decathlon. The New York Decathlon crowns “Wall Street’s Best Athletes”. If you want to compete in The INDIVIDUAL Decathlon in New York, but don’t work in financial services, then register for the event in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, or Houston...or the TEAM Decathlon anywhere.
  • What is the fundraising minimum?
In New York, the fundraising minimum is $3,000 per person in order to guarantee your spot on the playing field.
For all other markets, the fundraising minimum is $2,250 per person in order to guarantee your spot on the playing field.
  • Is there anyone at The Decathlon I may speak to?
Yes, our awesome team is available 24/7 in Houston, TX to answer your questions. Every registrant is assigned to a dedicated Account Executive who is there to guide you through the training and fundraising process, plus answer any questions.
  • May I transfer to the TEAM Decathlon?
Yes, just ask your dedicated Account Executive for assistance.
  • Are there age-groups?
Yes, the INDIVIDUAL Decathlon offers age-group awards and segments participants according to their age. The categories include Under-30, 30-39, 40-49, 50+