Team Decathlon Format

Team Decathlon Format

Divide and conquer 10 athletic events. Testing speed, strength skill & endurance. Do them better than ever at The Decathlon.

Team Decathlon Format

Your Team

Assemble a 2, 3, or 4 member squad. All-male, All-female, or mixed gender.

Game Time Decisions

Compete in any, or all, 10 events. Only the top 2 results in each event earn your team points. You can line up 3 or 4 team members and drop the lowest scores in any event, or risk it all with only 2 team members tackling an event. Your choice.


Earn points on the field and off it. ¼ of your points are earned exclusively through fundraising. ¾ of your points are earned through athleticism. The ONLY way to win is to fundraise well. It's pure math.


Why Create a Team?

Draft Your Fantasy Roster

Bond with clients, colleagues, family and friends as you train and compete together. The Decathlon experience is unlike anything you have done. Go to war together to conquer 10 athletic challenges in the name of defeating pediatric cancer.

Better Than The Olympics or NFL Scouting Combine

This is the only competition combining weight lifting, sprinting, jumping, rowing and throwing. You already know how to do every Decathlon event. Now, your challenge is to do them better than ever before.

All Competitors Receive:

  • Exclusive uniform
  • Customized training programs
  • Access to training facilities and specialized coaches
  • Tailored fundraising pages
  • Transportation to and from event

Experience The Best

The Decathlon is exclusive by nature. Only 100 teams will earn the uniform worn with pride year-round. This is your pro day and you'll be treated like a pro.

Combine Forces to Give Back

Cancer sucks. And it touches all of us. Leverage support form your social and professional networks. Since 2009, The Decathlon has raised $6.0M+ to support pediatric cancer treatment and research. We will defeat pediatric cancer. Together.


What To Expect


¼ of your points are earned through fundraising. ¾ of your points are earned on the playing field.


Earn up to 6,667 points exclusively through your team's fundraising efforts.


The top 2 results in each event earn your team points. Up to 20,000 points are available.

The 10 events, as well as more details on scoring, can be reviewed in the Team FAQs.


Each team must fulfill the minimum fundraising threshold to be eligible to participate. Use The Decathlon's performance based online donating system to maximize your efforts. The better you perform on the field, the more money raised for charity. Bring it!