What is The RBC Decathlon? +

The RBC Decathlon is a single day athletic competition for men & women currently employed in the financial services industry.

It involves 10 events testing speed, endurance, agility, and strength.

100% of all donations support Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.


Why was the event created? +

The RBC Decathlon aims to be the world’s preeminent cancer research related fundraiser. The event’s producers are passionate about its success in lieu of their mothers respective bouts with breast cancer. Learn more about The RBC Decathlon here


What are the 10 Events? +

1. 400M run
2. Football Throw
3. Dips
4. 40YD Dash
5. 500m stationary Row
6. 20yd Shuttle Drill
7. Pull Ups
8. Vertical Jump
9. Bench Press
10. 800M run


What is Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center? +

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) is the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center.

Their focus is on patient care as well as to innovative research, making significant contributions to new and better therapies for the treatment of cancer.

Learn More about MSKCC Here


What is POETIC? +

Pediatric Oncology Experimental Therapeutics Investigator’s Consortium. It is a program created and administered by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center designed to research and treat children with cancer who do not respond to common treatment practices.


How do I train for The RBC Decathlon? +

No specific training is necessary to compete in The RBC Decathlon. The Decathlon was created to be accessible to working professionals no matter their level of fitness. The events are designed to test your current levels of fitness.

Can you throw a football?
Can you do pull ups or dips?
Can you sprint for 40 yards?

Sure, training in these specific events will improve your performance, but if you go to the gym, or stay in shape via sports leagues or road races, The Decathlon is for you.


I want to train for The RBC Decathlon, what should I do? +

The RBC Decathlon has partnered with premier running, rowing, yoga, and general fitness instructors.  But remember, no specific training is required. For information, please email info@thedecathlon.org


Do I have to compete in all 10 events? +

Yes, each participant in the Individual Competition must complete all 10 events. Don’t worry, this is a lay up compared to a triathlon or marathon, and lots more fun.  The events are spread out over the course of a day to give you ample rest to perform your best.

Participants in the Team Competition divide 10 events among 3 team members.  All team members must be employed at the same firm.


What types of athletes compete in The RBC Decathlon? +

The RBC Decathlon has a wide range of competitors with varied athletic backgrounds. You need not be a former Division I athlete to compete.

Many of our competitors are simply weekend warriors and some use the event as the impetus to get back in shape.  This is the forum to see how you can measure up to your own goals.

The RBC Decathlon is a fun test of athleticism without the training needed to complete a marathon or triathlon. If you hit the gym a few times a week, practice CrossFit, played high school or college sports, or just love to compete, The RBC Decathlon is for you.

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When is The RBC Decathlon 2014? +

The RBC Decathlon will take place on June 22nd 2014.  Join the Mailing List to obtain updates.


Where is The RBC Decathlon 2014 taking place? +

St. John’s University | DaSilva Memorial Field | New York, NY


Is there a fundraising minimum in order to compete? +

Yes. All competitors are asked to raise $3,000.  Teams must raise $10,000.

Company matches are encouraged and will be attributed to your fundraising total. The RBC Decathlon’s producers are available to help you in your fundraising efforts as well.

(Learn more about fundraising here)


May I bring my family, friends, donors, and colleagues to The RBC Decathlon? +

Yes. We highly encourage you to invite family, friends, donors and colleagues to watch you compete.

Spectators will have the unique ability to “bet” on your performance in any of the 10 events. Think of it like the Kentucky Derby, only it’s more fun to bet on your friends and colleagues than a horse, right?


What are the requirements to compete in The RBC Decathlon? +

First off – this is a one of a kind athletic competition. We promise you’ve never experienced anything like it. Secondly, we treat you like a professional athlete even if you can’t perform nearly like one.

All competitors are provided with high-end competition uniforms, massage therapy, unrivaled nutritional supplements and sports drinks while competing in an atmosphere unlike any other.

To compete we just ask three simple things -

(1) Be employed within the financial services industry
(2) Have a valid email address at their current place of employment, and
(3) Secure a minimum of $3,000 in pledges / donations ($10000 for teams)


How can I secure a spot in The RBC Decathlon +

Sign up immediately. The RBC Decathlon is a constant sell out so secure your spot first!

The event is limited to the first 150 individuals to register and meet the competition criteria.


I do not work on Wall Street. Am I still eligible to compete in The RBC Decathlon? +

No. We are sorry, but the event is only open to those individuals working within the financial services industry.

Have a question about your industry focus?

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Is there an entry fee to compete in The RBC Decathlon? +

Yes. The entry fee is $295.

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What is included in my entry fee? +

The entry fee covers the following:

  • High-end competition uniform (Shirt and Shorts)
  • Admission to all 10 events
  • Massage therapy
  • Catered lunch
  • Water and sports beverage during the competition
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Competitor swag, including:

- Uniform (t-shirt and shorts)
- Training gear (top and bottom)
- Hat
- Water Bottle
- Workout Towel


Will there be food and drinks provided for the competitors? +

Yes. Lunch is included with your entry fee. Various energy drinks, energy bars, fruits and water will also be available to keep you nourished throughout the competition.


When does registration open? +

Registration is currently open and will close immediately after selling out.

Entry is limited to the first 150 competitors.

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When does registration close? +

Registration will close either when the 150 spots sell out.


Is there a fundraising minimum to compete in The RBC Decathlon? +

Each competitor is required to raise $3,000 to guarantee entry. $10,000 for teams.


Why is there a fundraising minimum to compete in The RBC Decathlon? +

The event’s producers have established a fundraising minimum to ensure competitors are focused on the spirit and goals of The RBC Decathlon.

It is their belief that athletes committed to the global fight against cancer can truly make a difference in fighting the disease and finding a cure. The fundraising minimum guarantees that competitors and The RBC Decathlon share a common goal.


I heard there is a fundraising minimum for the competitors. How do I go about securing my fundraising commitments? +

Competitors are encouraged to use the fundraising tools available on The RBC Decathlon’s website.

(Link to fundraising best practices / tips)


Are you concerned about the fundraising minimum? +

The RBC Decathlon wants you to succeed in hitting your fundraising goals.

Please contact us and we’ll do our best to address your fundraising concerns:

• info@thedecathlon.org

Remember, most financial services companies have a 100% matching policy so all of the donations coming from your colleagues could potentially be doubled.


Will The RBC Decathlon keep track of my donors and donations? +

Yes, The RBC Decathlon accounts for each donor and the corresponding donation amount.

You will be able to view all of this information in your profile.


Will The RBC Decathlon notify me once I achieve the donation minimum? +

Yes, once a competitor secures the minimum donation level needed to gain entry into the competition, The RBC Decathlon will notify the competitor.


What happens if I am unable to meet the fundraising minimum? +

The RBC Decathlon maintains full discretion when evaluating the entry status of those competitors falling short of the fundraising threshold.

Competitors can secure entry by raising a minimum of $3,000 in pledges / donations.


What is the 10K Club and how do I gain entry? +

The 10K Club was created to recognize those select individuals who have gone above and beyond the fundraising minimum.

Automatic entry is granted for any competitor raising $10,000.

10K Club members will receive exclusive lululemon gear, advance registration and awards from our sponsors.


What is performance-based fundraising? +

The concept is simple; you pick an event, you set a performance goal and the amount of money you raise is dependent on how well you perform relative to your goal.

We encourage you to pick an event that showcases your abilities while setting a challenging, yet obtainable, goal.


How should I go about setting my performance goals? +

Performance goals should be challenging, yet obtainable, with proper training. We encourage you to select an event that showcases your athletic ability.

Do not set a goal with unrealistic expectations. Please remember that failure to reach / exceed your goal will result in lost donations.

The RBC Decathlon would advise you to set goals with a slight stretch from your current level of fitness.

Competitors should also be cognizant that while a goal may seem achievable in the gym today, it is much harder to complete an athletic feat after a full day of competition. (E.g., 20 Pull Ups may be easy when you’re fresh in the gym, but completing 20 Pull Ups after 7 other events is no easy task)

We also recommend completing each of the 10 events prior to setting your event day goals. Accurate goal setting will surely make for a more entertaining day of wagering for spectators / donors.


How do the Team Fundraising Rankings work? +

Donations / pledges are totaled for each individual working within a respective firm. The sum total of all competitors working for a single firm is shown as the firm’s fundraising total.


If I donate online, who receives the funds?+

100% of all donations collected benefit Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

May I submit a donation via check?+

Yes, checks may be submitted although we strongly encourage donors to submit donations online at www.TheDecathlon.org/donate

Who do I address the check to?+

Checks should include the Event ID (E14AGDCL) and may be made out to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and mailed to:


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

c/o: Stephanie Rigione

633 3rd Avenue, 28th Floor

New York, NY 10017

IMPORTANT – Please include the EVENT I.D. – E14AGDCL - on the check.

A year-end receipt will be mailed by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center acknowledging the full contribution. 100% of all donations support Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

My company only submits donations to 501c3. Is The RBC Decathlon a 501c3? +

No, The RBC Decathlon is not a 501c3. Six Star Services, LLC DBA The Decathlon (Tax ID – 264376674)
is a limited liability company registered in New York state.
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is a 501c3 and their tax-exempt document may be downloaded here

Are there awards given at the competition? +

Yes. Awards are given in the following categories +

• Top fundraiser
• Wall Street’s Best Athletes (overall male & female winner of The RBC Decathlon)
• 2nd Place overall
• 3rd Place overall
• Highest grossing fundraising firm
• Executive Level Competition – Wall Street’s Top Executive
• Age Group Winners (Under-30, 30-39, 40-49, 50+)


How does the point system work? +

There is a total of 10,000 points available in The Decathlon. There is a maximum of 1,000 point available for each of the 10 events.

Much like the Olympic decathlon, the better you perform in an event the more points you are awarded. (E.g., 10 pull-ups = 232pts, 20-pull ups = 488pts, 35 pull-ups = 872)


Will I be able to view the point system matrix? +

Yes. Scoring tables are available on The Event page.




Thank you for supporting The Decathlon and The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, we look forward to your participation!